Esoteric spiritual science in plain sight.

Diving right in! …

IS-RA-EL represents the essence of the whole of existence itself.
IS – “I” (or Eye) Center (more on “is” here)
RA – Radius
EL – Ellipse

3 principles in 1 (whole tri-unity, or holy trinity)
It turns out, the word holy comes from the word whole (as in whole circle). Religion has, indeed, done its job to mystify this simple concept.

Correspondingly, some have pointed out the Egyptian mythology comparative, using characters ISIS, RA, EL.

Today’s physicists, though limited by a materialistic science, know that all is electromagnetic in nature (also known as “light”). All is light. The electromagnetic spectrum is also known as the ‘light’ spectrum. Light, in simple terms, is radiant energy… or, electromagnetic radiation, a fraction of which is visible to our eyes. But it’s also much more than that, as consciousness itself also follows this pattern.

Everything IS. Ra, radiant, radiation, radius… El, electro, electric, ellipse.

IS is the spectator, RA is the race, EL is the circuit.

ELectrical circuits. Are we all ‘ELs’ participating in the eternal motion.

Let’s break down the numerology of the whole term IS-RA-EL… the numbers always tell the truth.

IS: “I” [I:8 S:19] —> [27] —> [9]

RA: Male [R:18 A:1] —> [19] —> [1]

EL: Female [E:5 L:12] —> [17] —> [8]

RA[1]+EL[8]=IS[9]; similarly RA[1]+EL[8]+IS[9] = 18 (more on this below)

You’ve seen it before, the line and the circle representing male and female. Well, here it is again. And the numerological numbers above reveal an important material pattern (maternal, paternal): the numerology of male, RA (1), and female, EL (8), come together to make “18” – this is important… We know that half of the whole circle is 180 degrees. In numerology, this will be simplified as “18.” In the same way, for example, the ‘number of the beast’ (from the book of Revelations) is 666 (6+6+6=‘18’ as three sixes ‘36’). These are circular numbers (half circle is 180 degrees, whole circle is 360 degrees). The ‘beast’ is a lower (animal, animated) nature manifested as flesh – half of the whole. Similarly, a newborn child is the new whole, where Father and Mother each make up half of the child’s image and the other half to the order of the stars. As the pattern goes, opposites overlap and a new soul rises. Soul, sol, solar, soleil, sun, son. The son of God is you.

More on “666” from a biblical angle:

666 from the book of Revelation is the numerological representation of the isometric triangle (or equilateral), which has three angles at 60 degrees (60, 60, 60, for a total of 180 degrees). The triangle is the rudimentary form of the tri-unity principle. The tendency in ‘life’ seems to lean toward the ever present desire of unifying these complimentary forms (opposing polarities), symbolized by the Star of David and its two isometric triangles (60, 60, 60 + 60, 60, 60 = 360).

Star of David. David means “to divide.” It represents the two polarities in union and perfect harmony. One a mirror of the other. The symbol also leads the mind to concepts of “as above, so below” – the law of correspondence.

An interesting parrallel in 1 Chronicles…

Of the half-tribe of Manasseh (means half-minded) 18,000, who were mentioned by name, to come and make David (divide) king (corona, circle, 360 degrees).

1 Chronicles 12:31

Two halves coming coming together. All of this is about polarity, revealed through allegories. Whether these allegories are mere personifications or actual happenings is not my current focus. The pattern is the teacher.

It is science. It is con-science. Or, simply, consciousness.

It helps to define things:

conscious (adj.)
c. 1600, “knowing, privy to” (poetic), from Latin conscius “knowing, aware,” from conscire “be (mutually) aware,” from assimilated form of com “with,” or “thoroughly” (see con-) + scire “to know” (see science).


Instead of “trusting the science” of some external source, maybe it’s time to trust your “conscience.” Perhaps we might appreciate the profound consciousness in all things by deeply grasping rudimentary geometric principles. Consider that spirit might be understood by the spiral, the pattern of regeneration, the pattern of electromagnetic motion.

What is this center path “between fire and water” all about? Why do religions all around the world seem to pivot on this axiom?

Regeneration, new beginnings, new life. Father, Mother, Child. Paternal, Maternal, Eternal. Pattern in Matter – the carrying on of the “lineage.” This pattern manifests itself spiritually (that is, spirally), electrically (elliptically), in all ways. Observe the Caduceus below – a symbol used at the pillars of society. what do you see when both serpents (or male/female polarities of the ‘sine’ wave) intersect?

The end of each cycle is succeeded by a new one. The end of one is the beginning of the next. Do you see the 1 and the 8? The ‘8’ is many things… it is cellular division, it is many wombs, as the Proto-Indo-European root of ‘woman’ is ultimately from ‘weip’ which means ‘to turn,’ used in words such as ‘vibrate.’ Together with the rod, this becomes the double helix, genetic principles, two spirals around a center. The seed/rod (male, lineage, pole in polarity) pierces through the generations bringing about regeneration. “Gene” (PIE) means ‘give birth, beget,’ so we might definitively say this is the death and rebirth cycle mediated by a center axis (I). This is the concept of Parzival (which means pierce the valley). Notice how the rod intersects with the valleys of the sine wave polarities represented here by the serpents. As all things are severed into sevens, new beginnings are established at the eighth.

For example, the octave is the 8th note, ending the musical scale and beginning anew. Or, the ‘stop sign’ as the octagon, stopping to start again. And the wisdom tooth as the 8th tooth, implying the end of childhood and beginning of adulthood – a new cycle. Perhaps this sheds light on why the symbol of infinity ∞ is a sideways 8. It is regeneration: a triunity of male and female principles.

Nikola Tesla is famously quoted as saying:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

I’ve drawn a few sine waves of varying wavelengths to reveal the simple geometry involved.

In the beginning… (vulva at the center)
Do you see the sine wave?
How about now?
“Polarity” in balance.
For illustration – increasing frequency (reducing wavelength).
Reducing wavelength even more for illustration, removing outer geometry to show polarity, honing in on only one wave (instead of two). Can you see the spiral? Think of a marble track spiraling downward. As mentioned earlier, spirit might be understood by the spiral – the path of the aspirant (you).
It’s worth noting that we’re visualizing a three-dimensional concept in two dimensions, so it is a limited perspective. The animation below helps us better understand the geometry at work.
How light (aka spirit) travels. From a center (“is,” source or pivot point of arrow), by a radius (the arrow itself), on an ellipse (the edge of the spiral). ISRAEL.
Words like “radio,” known as part of the electromagnetic spectrum, come from radius (etymonline). Radio is simply a word describing a particular wavelength (or energy level, if you will) of the spectrum.

The sine wave is so foundational to all that exists as we perceive it now. It is the name we give to exactly that which Nikola describes: energy, frequency and vibration. It is the simplest way to demonstrate polarity in motion on a two-dimensional plane… Positive, negative, positive, negative – dancing around the center line. But it is so much more than the words we use to define it…

Cycles of circles. ISRAEL describes these principles at work. Infinite possibilities.

We see the sine wave here, here and here:

It really is everywhere – these are just a few examples. The serpent on a pole, as told in the story of Moses, might be one of the most misunderstood and literalized allegories that exist today. One thing’s for sure, it is a symbol often associated with health, or freedom from dis-ease.

This ties in to the “kundalini” life force or serpent energy taught of in Buddhism.

Looks a lot like the sine wave, doesn’t it? Two ‘waves’ of opposite alternating polarities spinning around a center path, the spine.

As mentioned in a previous post, this ‘kundalini’ or ascending energy within the body is apparent when observing the paths of the Ida and Pingala nerve fluids (crossing the medulla).

I have to mention… I stumbled upon the etymology of the word “sinus,” which is described as “a hollow curve in the body.” This struck me and it soon became obvious with some further investigation that anytime the root ‘sin‘ is involved in any word, bending and curving (or otherwise known as deviating) is also implied. Sin is to deviate from the center (left/right paradigm).

Sine, sin, sinus… a sinister plot to fool us? Or a sincere effort to insinuate the truth about who we are? I would encourage you, dear reader, to investigate these words for yourself and behold their devious nature… And I mean ‘devious’ in the least devious sense possible. It is the beginning of understanding a profound truth about our nature… about polarity, opposition, duality and all its cycles.

It may very well be that when we know the nature of sin(e) we can know the center path… that path “between fire and water.”

I look forward to exploring this more. Please share your thoughts on the matter and leave a comment for further discussion!

Pattern & Matter, Paternal & Maternal

Disclaimer: This post is more a compilation of thought fragments than it is a comprehensive writing.

Disclaimer: Many concepts discussed will be a little much to make sense of or digest if this kind of ‘esoteric’ perspective is new to you. If it feels overwhelming or confusing – as may be the case with any of my posts – that is completely normal. Ultimately, trust your intuition and understand that it does take time to break down our mental conditioning.

Father & Mother, Line and Circle, Sun and Moon, Fire and Water

Adam and Eve, Odd and Even, Day and Night, Hot and Cold, Positive and Negative


Where one is split into two. Splitting of the Adam | atom. The EVEning. To dice, cut. One die, two dies or dice. The 6-sided die, the cube, unfolding into the cross, the 6th day of creation: the crossing of man.

The ETYM-ology (ATOM-ology) declares it.

MAT & PAT relate to MATernal and PATernal. PATtern in MATter (Geometry) propagates through the micro and macroscopic here in this MATerial place we call Mother Earth. Within and without, above and below (the law of correspondence).

Geometric forms emerge from this divine language. DIV-ine, to be both divisible and indivisible. One and none. That is to say, “one and not one.” The sum of the parts is one, but the whole is innumerable, in-finite.

This is our dualistic nature. NAT-ure, natal – beget at birth. We are all light, both positive and negative. Electromagnetic. We are here to go between polarity. When we do, a beautiful thing happens. The eclipse declares it. The newborn child reveals the pattern by which we make our journey of spiritual rebirth.

This life of strife, between opposites, between fire and water, between right and left is the place of new birth. The womb of new beginnings. Between Father Time (pattern, cycle, spirit) and Mother Nature (matter, material, physical).

All things here are EVEned (odd, even | Adam, Eve), doubled, mirrored. All things here are dual, split.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.


Equally opposite.

This pattern, perhaps most importantly of all, occurs not only outside, externally, but also inside of us. This, to my understanding, is where our true journey actually begins. Inside, within.

As within, so without. The body reveals it.

Mirrored. The body and its members. As one with its dual nature of two opposing sides. Equal, opposite.

The mind is no different as we learn to reconcile the light and dark, the joy and pain.

Inside, we toil with health and disease, strength and weakness. We are here to learn not to shun one and favour the other, but (perhaps) to understand the necessity of both.

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.


How can we be weak and strong at the same moment? Purely on a physical plane, that sounds like a contradiction – until we consider our dual nature. Spirit and flesh, mental faculties (mind) and body, positive and negative.

Walking, we lead with one foot and follow with the other. We intuitively know it must be this way. One leads, one follows: switching feet in order to get somewhere.

If we seek spiritual strength, then, we know physical strife is necessary (and dare I say even desirable).

What use is a seed planted but no fruit born of it? What good is a message sent with no one to receive it?

When we realize we’ve been fighting ourselves all this time, maybe reconciliation can finally begin!