Worthy of Investigation: Esoteric Truth in Plain Sight

Recently, I was excited to divulge some exciting discoveries with a friend. The discoveries specifically are pertaining to the “Christ within,” and truth in myth (Santa Claus). After having been mulling this over long enough, I decided it too important of a revelation to withhold from other inquiring minds. He was initially put off by certain terms and numbers, such as ‘33,’ made popular as of late by freemasonic “exposés,” painting an evil picture around deeper esoteric truth. I decided to share my reply to his mixed feelings here in hopes that it might be that single bread crumb needed for the next leap. Should it resonate with you, reader, I am made glad.


I completely relate with the feeling you’re describing… and it’s wise on your part to push past the initial feeling for the sake of authentic seeking, since we have been so conditioned for so long in opposition of ourselves and, thereby, the truth itself. In other words, I think we’ve been conditioned against genuinely good and beautiful news.

I’ll go into a little detail and if I don’t scare you away you let me know! We haven’t spoken much in a while and the journey moves quick these days….
It was my same sentiment, too, an initial discomfort with numbers such as 33, 666, or what have you. With some time attempting to grasp numerology and revisiting geometric principles with new eyes, these fears have turned to laughter. Laughter, because for so long I was mentally blocked from grasping at such simple (yet sophisticated), in-your-face, transcending reason due to inherited ‘fear of the dark,’ or better put, ‘fear of the unknown.’

Interjection: perhaps this appropriates the muse of Heraclitus…

“Dogs bark at what they do not know.”


Now, with some time at it, with some new understanding, my sense of hope is restored (but, to be honest, still working on joy).

Now, I have to ask: Can a number be inherently evil? What’s more evil, a 6 or a 7? What about 8 and 9? Their interconnectedness declares each one’s unique necessity. 0-9 encodes all of creation, transcending all language and culture. Are numbers merely quantities or are they also principles? The answer, as I have only recently learned, is “both.” Each number 0-9 is a symbol to express a principle, nothing less. Principles are manifested on many levels, for example, 2 is a principle of balance: man/woman, light/dark… you have two legs – for balance. One balances the other. Moving to 3, a principle of strength – triunity (or trinity [I know, ew, right?])… a tripod, a truss, 3-strand rope… we intuitively know these principles to be true, propagated as patterns through all levels of manifestation.

For example, 666, that famous number of the beast from the book of Revelation, associates with the isosceles triangle, with three angles at 60 degrees. In numerology, this characteristic can be represented by three sixes, thus 666. But why – what is the significance of the triangle? The bible is littered with not only numerology, but many fields of study, including alchemy (concepts of elements: water, earth, air, fire, etc). In alchemy, water (or otherwise the concept of man/flesh/beast) is symbolized by the downward pointing triangle (angles @ 606060 for a total of 180 degrees). Its opposite, fire (spirit), is symbolized by the upward pointing triangle (another 180 degrees). So, the two triangles intersecting represents fire and water (or better understood, spirit and flesh) for a total of 360 degrees – the whole (where the word holy comes from). The number of the beast is 666 because it represents flesh without spirit. Or half.

…In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; 2Male and female created he them…

From Genesis 5: 1-2 KJV

This, to my understanding, is where the concept of duality comes from. From one came two, equal and opposite. Heaven and earth, light and dark… And so all things here have their opposite, just as is blatantly noticeable in our bodies themselves, with opposing sides and a center column (33 vertibrae). Sun, moon; light, dark etc. From a religious viewpoint: If 33 was inherently an evil number, why would our creator use it in the design of such a sacred thing?

33, in numerology adapted to geometric principles, is two triangles (3&3). TRIangle, of course is the rudimentary geometric form of 3. Within the vesica picis, the foundation of all of geometry itself, two triangles emerge: one pointing up, one pointing down. This follows the pattern of “as above, so below…” In the past, I always associated that phrase with evil freemasonic agendas, but its intent is quite the contrary. It is simply describing the law of correspondence that all things must obey.

It might seem trivial to study geometry to understand big picture concepts, but for me it has been a baseline means to recognize patterns that repeat through all levels of creation. Geometry, after all, is not the invention of man, yet it is embedded beautifully and – dare I say – perfectly in our design.

We start off questioning why they lie and then, as you know, each step in our journey deepens our understanding. Sometimes we go astray for a while but an earnest seeker is never completely without mercy, it seems. Time and fruits will tell… but in the meantime I can’t hold back my excitement – I’ve been shown through the hard work others that much depth of wisdom has been concealed in myth.

Such child’s play as ‘Santa Claus’ is a prime modern example of truth in plain sight. Did Christianity’s fear of idols “throw out the baby with the bath water” some time ago? Allegories and symbols used to embody deeply scientific concepts from ancient wisdom is a sensible practice, given that the public at large has a bad reputation of destroying sacred things… but this still seems to have worked out to the demise of the West and the world, now teaching vanity and taking allegories as literal idols… the skeptic in me thinks it was probably for power over the common mind.

Studying our language etymology has also been a fantastic study for me this past year, revealing rooted meaning in words I never would have otherwise considered (using Etymonline). Santa is Spanish for “saint,” as in “Old Saint Nick.” Saint literally means holy and comes from Latin ‘sanctus,’ which shares the same root as “sacred,” and thereby “consecrated.” Claus is from Old English ‘cloister,’ from Latin ‘CLAUStrum,’ which means “enclosure.” Thus, Santa Claus literally means “Holy Enclosure” or “Sacred Enclosure.” The CLAUStrum in the brain itself is said to be the ‘seat of consciousness’ even by modern (flawed) science.


For me, this marks the beginning of a new chapter: uncovering deeper truths hidden in plain sight.

Pattern & Matter, Paternal & Maternal

Disclaimer: This post is more a compilation of thought fragments than it is a comprehensive writing.

Father & Mother, Line and Circle, Sun and Moon, Fire and Water

Adam and Eve, Odd and Even, Day and Night, Hot and Cold, Positive and Negative


Where one is split into two. Splitting of the Adam | atom. The EVEning. To dice, cut. One die, two dies or dice. The 6-sided die, the cube, unfolding into the cross, the 6th day of creation: the crossing of man.

The ETYM-ology (ATOM-ology) declares it.

MAT & PAT relate to MATernal and PATernal. PATtern in MATter (Geometry) propagates through the micro and macroscopic here in this MATerial place we call Mother Earth. Within and without, above and below (the law of correspondence).

Geometric forms emerge from this divine language. DIV-ine, to be both divisible and indivisible. One and none. That is to say, “one and not one.” The sum of the parts is one, but the whole is innumerable, in-finite.

This is our dualistic nature. NAT-ure, natal – beget at birth. We are all light, both positive and negative. Electromagnetic. We are here to go between polarity. When we do, a beautiful thing happens. The eclipse declares it. The newborn child reveals the pattern by which we make our journey of spiritual rebirth.

This life of strife, between opposites, between fire and water, between right and left is the place of new birth. The womb of new beginnings. Between Father Time (pattern, cycle, spirit) and Mother Nature (matter, material, physical).

All things here are EVEned (odd, even | Adam, Eve), doubled, mirrored. All things here are dual, split.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.


Equally opposite.

This pattern, perhaps most importantly of all, occurs not only outside, externally, but also inside of us. This, to my understanding, is where our true journey actually begins. Inside, within.

As within, so without. The body reveals it.

Mirrored. The body and its members. As one with its dual nature of two opposing sides. Equal, opposite.

The mind is no different as we learn to reconcile the light and dark, the joy and pain.

Inside, we toil with health and disease, strength and weakness. We are here to learn not to shun one and favour the other, but (perhaps) to understand the necessity of both.

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.


How can we be weak and strong at the same moment? Purely on a physical plane, that sounds like a contradiction – until we consider our dual nature. Spirit and flesh, mental faculties (mind) and body, positive and negative.

Walking, we lead with one foot and follow with the other. We intuitively know it must be this way. One leads, one follows: switching feet in order to get somewhere.

If we seek spiritual strength, then, we know physical strife is necessary (and dare I say even desirable).

What use is a seed planted but no fruit born of it? What good is a message sent with no one to receive it?

When we realize we’ve been fighting ourselves all this time, maybe reconciliation can finally begin!

The New Normal?

For a lot of people, 2020 was a year marking the beginning of a new chapter, seeking out the truth like never before. It may have started with a deep sense of fear and a determination to prepare physically for what seemed like a nightmare. Since that time, many of us have begun to realize the greater pattern at play and have also begun the process of shedding our old skin, birthing new understanding, bearing new fruit.

As we have heard: history repeats itself. This isn’t to diminish the significance of the “now,” but it is merely the observance of a semblance of cycles. Many will see its repetitive nature, despite its varying magnitudes of intensity.

As I’ve come to learn, science builds upon itself. Simple (yet sophisticated) studies of geometric principles carry through to the more complex studies of geology, biology, sociology, psychology etc.

So, what is this “new normal?”

I suggest it is simply another level of an unfolding of geometric patterns.

The Mason’s square and compass. Might this symbol also represent the ‘right ruler’ or ‘rightful rule‘ derived from the moral ‘compass?’

The Builder’s tools and their social significance


Squareness is associated with rightness, just as the carpenter’s square serves as a right angle.

Square (4) establishes order: It’s time to square up. Fair and square. Back to square one. A square meal. Look him square in the face.


The gavel makes the sound. Under rightful rule, there is “moral soundness and conformity to the truth.” justice (n.)


The rule is the straight edge and for measuring. The ruler implements measures and rules.


One studying geometric principles will know: the rule is directed by the compass, just as in navigation one’s journey is directed by a compass. The moral compass, imagined in the mind, directs the rightful ruler (example: seed of life, flower of life, all geometric forms emerge).

In geometry, the circle, created by the compass, represents the beginning and the end – it is the roadmap for all other geometric patterns formed by the rule. For example, the vesica picis, (made by two circles of same radius intersecting at their midpoints) opens up new intersecting points that can be used to perfectly create every form – from the line (2), to the triangle (3), to the square (4)… all the way to the nonagon (9).

Yes, the compass has started it all. The compass is the beginning and the end. It is one (single center point) and it is none (O).

Beginning and end are common in the circumference of a circle.

Heraclitus, Greek philosopher (from around 500 BC)
Sourced from the book “Heraclitus: Translation and Analysis” by Dennis Sweet

The circle represents ‘within,’ as it encompasses all. The circle is created from a center point and a set radius.
It all starts within. As within, so without. The circle may also be used as a symbol of the feminine, of the womb, of the place where new beginnings take place. It can be an empty hole and the whole of one.

The geometric root of the word ‘normal.’

Etymology of “normal”
normal (adj.)

“c. 1500, “typical, common;” 1640s, in geometry, “standing at a right angle, perpendicular,” from Late Latin normalis “in conformity with rule, normal,” in classical Latin “made according to a carpenter’s square,” from norma “rule, pattern,” literally “carpenter’s square,” a word of unknown origin (see norm). Meaning “conforming to common standards or established order or usage, regular, usual” is attested from 1828…”

The word ‘normal’ is actually derived from geometric principles: right angles, straight edges. It seems that in society at large, the “right rule” is placed within the ‘compass’ of morality already established.

To say “the new normal” is to say “the new rule”.

We imagine vanity, our rulers give us vanity.

*The end, for now (to be continued)*