You probably can’t see me in this picture, but I am there!

It is my hope that this work is an encouragement to others on this path.

The purpose of this is primarily to serve as a journal, to document my journey, to organize thoughts, research and to collaborate with other inquiring minds out there that have a genuine ‘iron-heart’ for the truth.

The path we walk can be a lonely one and it does bring me some solace to find others asking the same questions, testing everything and poking holes in the flimsy facade before us. I am like a child excited to share my discoveries with others, limited as they may be in retrospect.

As I continue to gain new understanding, I may decide to make revisions to earlier posts, in which case I will include an ‘edit log’ at the end. Isn’t this, after all, a work in progress? I welcome feedback, advice, wisdom, questions and criticism as the objective here is to arrive at a well-founded understanding of our reality in order to ultimately adjust course as needed. It would be fruitless to receive light without growth, so my intent is to learn how to properly live, which I would expect is radically different from the status quo. This would mean confronting thought patterns, behaviours, habits, tendencies while gaining a deeper understanding of the purpose and nature of this life.

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