Research Tools

The tools “I” use…

The Builder’s Tools

The Means

Let me start off by saying: I know what this looks like… and it’s not what you think.

Despite what the image above looks like, I’m not a freemason. Although, I have come to realize the original intent of the mystery schools, whatever those may be now. Yes, we have achieved state of inner conflict, be it personal, community or government level. And so, we’ve reached a point in time where the true nature of things must be discovered solely from oneself, by oneself – not externally. No longer should we be victims of our own ignorance.

The builder’s tools are rather simple, as shown: the square and the compass. Note: the “eye” (or “I”) is at the center.
  • Putting the Builder’s Tools to Work
    • I” (Eye). The “I” at the center of it all: you. This is the most important tool. It is what makes you, you. It is what allows you to even ask such questions and explore such things. Your conscience is the pivot point of all studies. The square and the compass symbolize male and female, or opposing polarities. At the center, there exists opposing polarities on either side (think: eye of the storm, whirlpool, etc.). By placing oneself at the center, duality can be perceived and the true self discovered.
    • Geometry (“G”). Yes, study of basic geometry is a fundamental stepping stone for grasping at deeper concepts. Some would call this sacred geometry, but I don’t care much for such titles. The point is, patterns at the most rudimentary geometric level also exist in greater forms. For example, using a compass and drawing out 7 intersecting circles (known as the seed of life) will be a 2D representation of a 3D magnetic field, revealing its lines of force we interact with every day.
    • Numerology. Using the principles represented by numbers themselves. This inherently employs mathematics as we apply logic in a holistic way to numbers.
    • Etymology. Since numerology is the foundation for the formation of words, we are naturally led to discover their deep rooted meaning. Etymology, or perhaps etymosophy in this case, will reveal the connectedness of all languages, painting a full picture on the nature of the words we use.

“I” am the most reliable tool in my tool box.
“I” will train myself to recognize patterns.
“I” trust my own intuition.

Let us learn from one another, share our discoveries and encourage each other.


This is an ever-growing and ever-changing list. Some items will be more useful to you, where others may not. It depends on the state of mind of each person.

Etymology Studies

  • Etymonline – I go for the ‘meat and potatoes’ and find it works perfectly well. It’s an online index of words (like a dictionary) which isn’t intended to give the modern definition of a word but, rather, provide you with breadcrumbs to discover its original source, fitting it into the larger pattern.


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