Imposters of ONE: UN, Q

This post is about separating the FALSE light masquerading as the truth (as pictured above – a snippet from The Truman Show) from the ACTUAL truth.

My purpose in writing this comes from a realization that many of us are being fooled by the scheme at hand. Many of us think to ourselves “I’m woke” and “I see things for what they are.” It’s important to stay humble, as I’ll explain. There is at least a two-fold reason for the modern day ‘awakening.’ First, there is a genuine awakening occurring from within and, secondly, there is a staged fraudulent one. The grotesque tyranny that is now becoming almost impossible to ignore is barely hidden. In fact, it’s actually being sold to you now, as something for you to oppose.

Oppose the national borders and its politicians. Oppose the profiteering and the large corporations. Oppose the corrupted bank-run economic system. Oppose the “outdated” energy sector and its pundits.

A world… divided.

Truly, this world has always been in oppositional patterns throughout generations passed.

…red/blue, black/white, him/her… Pro/anti… So many ways to be divided. You name it, the narrative is there to perpetuate it. And while this is obvious to many, what is perhaps less obvious is the deep yearning for unity.

The desire for unity is elegantly proclaimed in all aspects of nature. Your body is a most beautiful expression of this, with its left and right opposing sides working as one. As the sun chases the moon, the moon chases the sun, man and woman come together to create one. This all transcending, long-suffering desire of opposites to unite has always existed, even since the beginning.

As Genesis 1:27 declares: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” From one came two: equal and opposite.

Indeed, we are now at a culmination point of ultimate division and societal unrest. With such intense opposition, the craving for unity is also reaching its peak.

As there is light, there is also darkness.

As there is truth, there is also deceit.

If truth is light and darkness is deceit, how would the darkness masquerade itself? Being deceptive in nature, would it show itself as it is – dark? Or would it more likely show itself as what it isn’t – light? The answer seems obvious as the very nature of deception is to falsely claim truth (or invert it). Deceit will always claim to be true and, in its most conniving forms, will also be most alluring.
What we have in the world today is the climax of darkness. Like an eclipse coming to totality, the truth is almost completely concealed and hidden from view. In the same eclipse, we have a corona (crown, crowning). From that totality, labour pains and the crowning (corona) of new life (birth). In the midst of these labour pains, it’s important not to lose sight of this. This is the genuine spiritual awakening that is undeniable. But to take this analogy one step further, we must also realize that during an eclipse, the moon takes the place of the sun. Darkness masquerading as light, so to speak. The wise will see through the veil, but many are too polarized in opposition to see this now.

With this climax of darkness, we have upon us a false light rising. This is the false unity – a deceptive form presenting itself as the doorway to uniting all. There are many interworking parts of this false unity.

Q (Qanon, psyop) – Q, a letter, a symbol. A male/female symbol, about uniting opposites.

Analyzing the “Q” symbol/movement…

Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet. 17 is an interesting number because of its sense of completion – beginning and end. 1+7 = 8, the symbol for infinite, the analemma and the torus. 1 to 7 days of creation, from a dark void, to the fullness of life. 1, beginning, 7, completion. QAnon, as a psyop, is a form of trickery and expression of opposites uniting. On the surface, it might seem to perpetuate divisive ‘conspiracy theories’ but its objective (WWG1WGA) is directly inline with the false light system of unity.

WWG1WGA is used frequently in Q groups, which stands for “where we go one we go all.” Observe this: Remove the “Ws” and what remains? G1GA. A = 1. Thus, we have “GAGA.” Lady GAGA is “Our Lady Peace.” Note: G=7, A=1 … again, like Q, but in reverse. By the way, the three “Ws” (W = 23) removed from WWG1WGA have a numerical sum of “69” – another symbol of opposites, perhaps (yin yang, cancer)? So, what is coded in “WWG1WGA?” Remove the opposites to achieve unity (that’s my guess – a false unity). It’s really a false peace and a false unity. Removing opposites is an impossibility here. What we really want is to marry them. It’s clear the worldly doctrine is one of neutrality (gender, sex, age, ethnicity/race, etc). By no surprise, Lady Gaga has been an advocate for this doctrine and an agent of the NWO false light system. Not surprising either that she has performed at the Global Citizen “Together at Home” (in concert with the World Health Organization). Once you see her in this light (pun absolutely intended), the facade falls apart. The veil is thin. I encourage you to see it for what it is. Here she is pictured with all her peace symbolism – the tattoo, the dove and olive branch, the hand symbol, the rainbow.

UN, UN Headquarters New York. On the backdrop, an image all of about uniting of opposites. The arrangement of tables, clearly a symbol of male/female uniting of opposites.
UN table and seating arrangement consistent with this symbol. We know it as on/off, or “power.” It represents, again, male/female. The line and the circle.
The line and the circle. Drawn by a square and a compass. The compass is set to 45 degrees, the square at 90 degrees. At their intersection in this arrangement we have an interesting code unveiled. More on this later… but again, an organization a part of bringing about a false light system – a false unity. A symbol of uniting the opposites, two become one.

UN, we know as short for “United Nations,” so the idea that it’s about ‘uniting’ is superficially apparent. But, looking a little closer, the word “un” in French means “one.” This organization is, indeed, selling unity. But you don’t always get what you pay for! The UN is a part of the false light system and is part of the very beast that has created the division to begin with. But any good marketing shark will tell you: in order for people to buy what you’re selling, you need to first tell them why they need it.

Well, right now, they’re telling you why you need it, every day. They have been for generations. Just turn on the propaganda machine for a minute and see it again for yourself…

The false light, masquerading as unity. But first, you must have “immunity.”

A close up of the backdrop at UN headquarters. I’ve outlined some of the embedded geometry. This is a work in progress, but it’s fairly apparent that they’re selling a form of unity. More on this later…

The intent of this post is to encourage critical thinking, as I too am on this quest of discovery. But if I can caution you: be aware of the false light, meant to deceive and test you. The powers of the world are not about unity (marrying) of opposites, but they are about neutralizing opposites, making equal and same. When you remove either counterpart, you destroy both – there is no harmony. You can’t have man without woman and vice versa. This false light system rising from the ashes is the equalizer. The time of “ironman.” The genetic alteration and integration…

“As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.” -Daniel 2:43

Equal and same or equal and opposite?

Equal and opposite or equal and same? What happens to the balance when you move counterparts to one side of the scale?
To walk the path ‘between’ fire and water is illustrating a manner of proceeding without polarizing yourself in opposition to either side.

“Keep your path straight,” and “turn the other cheek” – is this deeper wisdom? “Love your enemy”is the difficult path. The storm is certainly upon us, the waters uneasy. To rise above the illusion is to walk on the surface of the waters. Stay attuned to what is true, not to what opposes you, else you sink or burn. That is how we ‘pierce the center.’ This is the path to unity.