“You are part of the problem”

There is something precious here to appreciate, despite the ‘negative’ connotation that initially presents itself.

Duality meets tri-unity

Blue says to red: “If you aren’t blue, you are part of the problem!

Oh the irony…

Let’s take a walk together… right, left, right, left… red, blue, red, blue. Switch feet, Switchfoot, redshift, blueshift, redshift, blueshift… it’s a walk to remember… (Hmm… Switchfoot – You and Switchfoot – Dare You to Move on soundtrack for A Walk to Remember). Do we not already intuitively know the necessity of opposites… of polarity? Just take a walk!

Does the problem start where the solution begins? Does it start as each one and end with each as one?

Is it a “problem” or is it a principle?

Polarity is a “problem” for itself, isn’t it? Always diverging.

Duality meets tri-unity.

See IS RA EL post for context exploring polarity

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