What “IS?”

A brief continuation of a previous post on the tri-unity principles, known as IS-RA-EL, responsible for our reality. I recently updated the previous post as well, since I felt certain things could be elaborated upon.

What IS REAL if it IS not?

See what I did there? The Latin word for “real” is, yes, “realis.”

IS is so essential, that I can’t even describe it without using it, so please forgive me …and bear with me.

IS, I, EYE – these are really the same concepts, or at least very closely related. The English word “is” is described as “to be,” from its Germanic root “es.” This leads us to its PIE root “es-“ which gives us words like “essence” and “absence.”

“To be, or not to be, that is the question…”

William Shakespeare

IS, essence of being. It is the center point of a circle, it is the eye of the beholder, the rising son, the newborn child. It is the Adam and the atom, the indivisible before it is Evened.

IS is both the source and successor of the two polarities – the beginning and end.

This might need some more elaborating… Until then, feel free to discuss in the comments!

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