“Freedom Convoy” 2022 – Canada

“Freedom Convoy 2022” in Sudbury, Ontario

Clips in this video share a view of one of many groups along the cross-Canada highway, offering encouragement to the convoy of truckers making a statement – that principle is more important than their job and mandates.

Is it about what we aren’t? Or – is it about what we are?


  1. I think it’s important to recognize that a great many folks do not want freedom, because the responsibilities and self-ownership required are too much for them. The first cost of freedom is to not outsource all the difficult aspects of life (thinking included) to outside authorities and that terrifies most folks who have grown too attached to the master/slave dynamic. The lies are comforting to them. The illusion of freedom is an acceptable replacement for the real thing. The controllers could not do what they do without the compliance and support of the majority of order-followers. It’s a powerful display of solidarity on the part of the truckers and their supporters, but it won’t matter in the long run because the cradle-to-grave technocracy is an indoctrination system that starts before birth and hits high gear from the moment the child enters into the nursery schools.

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    1. You bring up some good points.
      There will always be two polarities around a center. And so the cycles will be… but this is a necessity. If not for it, there would be no center path, no new life.
      If it were not for both the male and female, there would be no child.
      I know this sounds abstract and escapist, but like we were talking about… the pattern itself is the teacher. We can find peace in knowing the necessity.
      Should we shun one and favour the other? Would you shame your left leg for its leftness and proceed to hop on your right leg only?
      We are one, and this is a dramatic manifestation of it. Maybe we can just enjoy the show, be it a romance, action, horror or comedy (lately the latter)… and let’s treasure it for what it is for a change!

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  2. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for this, post and your well-balanced (!) comment above. One can enjoy the panto mime, which is what it realy is, or one can take part in the show, back stage or otherwise.

    This is the final Act playing out. There will be a curtain call. In the meantime I do my small bit parts. A couple of links should you be interested.



    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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  3. Well-said!
    I’ll check it out your blog, thank you for the invite!


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