Sacred Science Concealed and Revealed in Geography and Biology – Jesus Christ

I felt implored to publish this information as it deepens one’s understanding of Jesus’ life and brings to light the simple reason for the lack of scholarly harmony surrounding the topic.

Graphic credit: Santos Bonacci,
Graphic credit: Santos Bonacci,

There is some debate of whether Jesus’ life is purely allegorical, or if he was a physical manifestation of this transcending pattern – physical (external), biological (internal), spiritual (above), geographical (below)… as above, so below; as within, so without (law of correspondence). I’m inclined to suspect that it’s the latter – a pattern that has manifested on many levels, as the true fixed and firm principles always seem to correlate with greater and lesser patterns.

The cross at the centre of duality. Two TRIangles (33) within the birthing canal, corresponding with the 33 vertebrae (within). The triangles pointing down and up, exemplifying the descent and return – descension and ascension.

Please comment, share, elaborate as I hope to delve further into this study.


  1. I agree with the transcendental option – if a higher being could incarnate with just the right variables and conditions He would do so to fit right in with the sacred symbols and bible prophecy. In fact the cause and effect of this coincident situation may be flipped…


    1. It does seem plausible, but… perhaps not even necessary to know for sure one way or another to move forward in this research. On an inspiring note, it brings into question lifestyle choices, diet, every detail that might be a detriment to the otherwise beautiful harmony within the man… the man reaching and aspiring.


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