The New Normal?

For a lot of people, 2020 was a year marking the beginning of a new chapter, seeking out the truth like never before. It may have started with a deep sense of fear and a determination to prepare physically for what seemed like a nightmare. Since that time, many of us have begun to realize the greater pattern at play and have also begun the process of shedding our old skin, birthing new understanding, bearing new fruit.

As we have heard: history repeats itself. This isn’t to diminish the significance of the “now,” but it is merely the observance of a semblance of cycles. Many will see its repetitive nature, despite its varying magnitudes of intensity.

As I’ve come to learn, science builds upon itself. Simple (yet sophisticated) studies of geometric principles carry through to the more complex studies of geology, biology, sociology, psychology etc.

So, what is this “new normal?”

I suggest it is simply another level of an unfolding of geometric patterns.

The Mason’s square and compass. Might this symbol also represent the ‘right ruler’ or ‘rightful rule‘ derived from the moral ‘compass?’

The Builder’s tools and their social significance


Squareness is associated with rightness, just as the carpenter’s square serves as a right angle.

Square (4) establishes order: It’s time to square up. Fair and square. Back to square one. A square meal. Look him square in the face.


The gavel makes the sound. Under rightful rule, there is “moral soundness and conformity to the truth.” justice (n.)


The rule is the straight edge and for measuring. The ruler implements measures and rules.


One studying geometric principles will know: the rule is directed by the compass, just as in navigation one’s journey is directed by a compass. The moral compass, imagined in the mind, directs the rightful ruler (example: seed of life, flower of life, all geometric forms emerge).

In geometry, the circle, created by the compass, represents the beginning and the end – it is the roadmap for all other geometric patterns formed by the rule. For example, the vesica picis, (made by two circles of same radius intersecting at their midpoints) opens up new intersecting points that can be used to perfectly create every form – from the line (2), to the triangle (3), to the square (4)… all the way to the nonagon (9).

Yes, the compass has started it all. The compass is the beginning and the end. It is one (single center point) and it is none (O).

Beginning and end are common in the circumference of a circle.

Heraclitus, Greek philosopher (from around 500 BC)
Sourced from the book “Heraclitus: Translation and Analysis” by Dennis Sweet

The circle represents ‘within,’ as it encompasses all. The circle is created from a center point and a set radius.
It all starts within. As within, so without. The circle may also be used as a symbol of the feminine, of the womb, of the place where new beginnings take place. It can be an empty hole and the whole of one.

The geometric root of the word ‘normal.’

Etymology of “normal”
normal (adj.)

“c. 1500, “typical, common;” 1640s, in geometry, “standing at a right angle, perpendicular,” from Late Latin normalis “in conformity with rule, normal,” in classical Latin “made according to a carpenter’s square,” from norma “rule, pattern,” literally “carpenter’s square,” a word of unknown origin (see norm). Meaning “conforming to common standards or established order or usage, regular, usual” is attested from 1828…”

The word ‘normal’ is actually derived from geometric principles: right angles, straight edges. It seems that in society at large, the “right rule” is placed within the ‘compass’ of morality already established.

To say “the new normal” is to say “the new rule”.

We imagine vanity, our rulers give us vanity.

*The end, for now (to be continued)*

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